Oakmoss and Treemoss in China

Oakmoss products including concretes, absolutes and resinoids have long been used extensively in perfumery. They form important parts of the notes in fougére, chypre or "moss" perfumes, and they are general ingredients in colognes, crêpe de Chines, forest notes, new mown hay, pine fragrances, lavender bouquets, Oriental, fancy or modern bases, etc. Oak moss products can lend body and naturalness, rich pleasant undertones and high fixative value in numerous types of floral fragrances as well.

The various extracts of oakmoss belong to some of the finest perfumery materials. There are few high-class French fashion perfumes which do not have at least a touch of an oakmoss product in their formulas.

True oakmoss is the lichen, evernia prunastri, which grows primarily on oak trees. It is collected all over central and southern Europe, particularly in Yugoslavia, France, Algeria and Morocco.

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