New Perfume Materials

Bedoukian Research Inc. Name: Farnesene, CAS number: 502-61-4, Chemical name: 2,6,10-Trimethyl dodecatetraene (mixture of isomers) Odor description: Citrus, herbaceous, with a background note of lavender, bergamot, myrrh and neroti Name: cis-4-Decen-l-al, CAS number: 21662-09-9, FEMA number: 3264 Odor description: Pleasant citrus, orange-flower aroma. Used in citrus perfumes and flavors Name: Methyl Vetivate, CAS number: 68698-57-7 Odor description: Dry, woody, peppery background with a lasting citrus character Name: Terrasol 50, Chemical name: Ethyl fenchol 50% in Arbanol (SCM-Glidco), CAS number: 67952 -68-5 (ethyl fenchol) Odor description: Offers a powerful, extremely diffusive and lasting earthy note with a root-like nuance. Presents some aspects of vetivert, as well as patcholi and oakmoss.

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