China’s Largest Comprehensive Perfumery

The 30-year-old “factory of good smells,” known as the Guangzhou Baihua Perfumery, is capable of turning out six-hundred different varieties of aromatics, spices and essences, one sixth derived from natural substances.

Sophisticated in the production of natural fragrances for years, the factory is located on the southern bank of the Pearl River in an area surrounded by flowery beds and gardens. In fact, Guangzhou is famous as “the flower city,” known for its moonlit flower fields. In the blossom season from May to October, peasants in nearby districts deliver to the perfumery each day an average of 10,000 kilograms of flowers, 90 percent of its needs. The remainder is bought from other provinces.

Located in the tropical zone, Guangzhou and environs abound in aromatic plants such as lilac, magnolia, eucalyptus, lemon, litchi, banana, pineapple, mango and citronella grass. Shanghai, China’s cosmetics and essence manufacturing center, ships in much of the raw materials it needs from Guangzhou and other parts of South China.

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