Safety and Regulatory Aspects of the 90’s — Environmental Trends

During the last decade, and as we move into the 90s, more and more emphasis and attention is being given to the safety and regulatory aspects of chemicals, not only for those used in consumer products, but those used in industry. Historically, there has always been emphasis on product safety, especially in the area of food and other consumer products. However, industrial and environmental safety have received increased attention since the middle 1970s. One reason for this global activity is an event such as Earth Day, which was first held in 1970, and, more recently, on April 22, 1990. Other events such as the Bhopal incident, Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the Exxon Valdez incident and the issue of acid rain have caused the media to focus attention on the environment.

In general, the increased concern for the environment evolved first in Europe and spread across Europe, including the Scandinavian countries, to North America. This movement not only includes those at the government level, but also includes consumers and environmental activist groups. These latter groups are not content to let governments and industry solve environmental problems.

Therefore, everyone has been, or will be, affected by the continuing global activity occurring in the areas of safety and environmental regulations. The fragrance and cosmetic companies will he under increasing scrutiny and pressure from customers to he more conversant and knowledgeable about issues relating to product safety and environmental safety. The consumers’ concerns will influence company marketing and sales platforms for the 90’s and beyond. This overview will assist you in better understanding the issues and complexities that the fragrance and cosmetic industries will be facing in a changing consumer environment in the 90’s.

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