3,6-Dimethyl Octan-3-ol

3,6-Dimethyl octan-3-ol (AR-1) possesses a mild, sweet linalool type odor, almost identical to that of its structural isomer tetrahydrolinalool. The organoleptic impressions of both products are so close that it is difficult to differentiate between them. Batch to batch variation of the two alcohols display more organoleptic difference than the basic note of the individual products. Moreover, the storage stability of both these materials is so high that prime grade productions made by various processes show little variation when comparing samples of recent production versus material produced twenty years ago. Recent production samples show a clean impression, while material produced by the processes used in tbe 1960s and 1970s often displayed sour, burned or dimethol notes.

AR-1 is solely a fragrance material and its use is especially desirable in aggressive media. This alcohol holds its own far better than Iinalool in high surface area applications, high and low pH, and strong oxidation systems. Significant quantities have been used in soap and detergent formulations because of its fresh impression and superior stability.

Natural Sources

Although AR-1 has a terpenoid structure, with the prime isoprene unit identical to tetrahydrolinalool, the secondary isoprene unit is reversed. Thus, AR-1’s isoprene units are joined head to head versus the normal head to tail linkage found in most naturally occurring terpenoid materials. There are no reports of AR-1 being found in nature.

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