New Compounds with Sandalwood Odor

Sandalwood oil is an essential component of many good perfume compositions, but its scarcity and high price have prompted searches for other compounds with sandalwood odor. One of these compounds is dimethylnorbornane, which was described in the chemical literature by Ohloff, Demoe and Brunke. The present authors have synthesized certain dimethylnorbornane cyclic alcohol derivatives which are potential carriers of the sandalwood odor.


The two-stage process for synthesis of these derivatives is shown in Figure 1. In the first stage, cyclic ketones [6]-[9] are produced, and are used in turn in the second stage to synthesize the saturated and unsaturated alcohols [10]-[19].

The ketones [6]-[9] were obtained with a yield of 45-68% from the Croton condensation of 8- formylcamphene[ l] with cyclohexanone [3], 2-methylcyclohexanone [4], cyclopentanone [5] and dihiydro-8-formylcamphene [2] with cyclohexanone [3] in the presence of zinc acetate.

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