First Person: The Evolution of the Perfumer's Palette

The factors shaping today’s perfumery ingredient palette include fragrance trends, regulations and technical challenges, said Dirk Braun, vice president, senior perfumer, Symrise AG, on stage during the 2012 World Perfumery Congress ( For instance, he continued, the increase in the level of aluminum salts in APDO (antiperspirant/deodorant) bases alone has changed formulation strategies.

“Those base changes have a huge impact on stability, and performance of materials,” Braun said. “So the materials we use today have to be very stable and very powerful. For some delivery systems you need very specific molecules with specific properties.”

Braun spoke as part of a 2 ½ day program comprising numerous fragrance industry experts, including perfumers and ingredient specialists, all focused on the evolution of the industry and formulations.

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