Synthetic, Natural Materials Highlighted in Firmenich, Vigon Perfumery Presentation

On June 23, 2011, Firmenich and Vigon International presented a variety of materials to members of the fragrance industry in attendance at the Highlawn Pavilion at the Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange, New Jersey.

As presented by Fred Keifer and Pierre Hellivan, products introduced included:

  • sclareolate—a non allergenic, clary, sage, green, fresh building block note that can be used as a terpene extender;
  • fructalate—a long-lasting fruity, berry, apple note that can be used for a booster effect for citrus, aromatic and fruity notes; low cost allows use in any application area;
  • romandolide—an alicyclic musk with berry top notes that can be used as a PCM replacer; accents fruity notes with cost performance;
  • norlimbanol—a dry, woody, amber note with strength and performance in all applications; a key ingredient in many successful Firmenich fine fragrances;
  • dartanol— a clean, sophisticated, sandalwood note with excellent cost performance in all applications;
  • koumalactone—a powerful molecule that smells of coconut milk, tonka bean, tobacco, coumarin; can be used as a coumarin replacer in gourmand notes; available for use in covering base odors in functional perfumery;
  • buchu oil, aged—nature’s marriage of blackcurrant and minty notes, less terpenic and much more stable than the standard oil;
  • ambranum—reminiscent of Amber 83, a classic amber note, clear codisillate of balsams and other ingredients;
  • fireco treemoss and oakmoss—two moss-free reconstitutions addressing IFRA’s atranol and chloroatranol restrictions, clear liquid and one-to-one replacement to moss absolutes;
  • and leather MD—an IFRA-compliant, low-PAH alternative to birch tar oil and pyrogeneous wood extracts, with very potent smoky leathery notes.
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