Production of fragrance materials in Egypt

Egypt is located north of the Tropic of Cancer between the 31st and 22nd parallels, in the warm temperate zone. In the south, Aswan is on the Cancer line, as is Havana; in the north, Cairo is at the same latitude as New Orleans and Houston.

The geological formation of Egypt is due to the Nile. In fact, as Herodote said 2000 years ago, it is a gift of the Nile. From the first cataract in the south to the Mediterranean, covering a distance of 1200 kms, it forms a valley 10 to 20 kms wide. And at Cairo, it forms a delta with the branches of Damiette in the east and Rosette in the west, with a 220 kms front on the Mediterranean.

The climate is greatly influenced by the winds coming from the desert and seas surrounding it. These winds make hot weather tolerable although the temperature may exceed 40°C (105°F) at some periods of the year. It rarely rains, so its agriculture depends entirely on irrigation waters coming from the Nile. All Egyptian agriculture is actually irrigated and thanks to the new Aswan dam at the first cataract, it is possible to master the flood and to insure the regular distribution required by farming.

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