Perfumer & Flavorist--Year One

With this issue we complete the first year of publication of Perfumer & Flavorist. We will take this opportunity to report to our subscribers regarding the aims of this publication as well as the future plans.

The Task

This new publication is a direct descendant of the “American Perfumer” founded in 1906. For many years this publication was the principal journal reporting on the essential oil industry of the world, with an increasing interest in the development of aroma chemicals. Through the first 25 years of this publication, a most interesting story unfolds of the development of the essential oil industry as well as the many hundreds of people who participated in the growth and development of the companies serving this field.

During the 1930’s and 1940’s a trend toward coverage of the cosmetic industry reduced the amount of editorial material of interest to the perfumer and flavorist. This transition continued, along with a gradual change in name, to an almost complete conversion to a cosmetic and toiletry journal.

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