The development of the Story Macrocyclic Technology

The development of what became known as "Story Macrocyclic Technology" begins in 1966, when Dr. Paul Story accepted the position of Professor of Chemistry at the University of Georgia, Athens. Dr. Story had formerly been employed by Bell Telephone Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey. Clyde E. Bishop met Dr. Story at a seminar given by Dr. Story while at Bell Telephone Laboratories and joined him at the University of Georgia s his first doctoral candidate. Bishop had completed his MS degree at Clemson University, and his doctoral thesis was on the mechanism of ozonolysis.

During the course of Bishop's work on ozonolysis, it became necessary for him to prepare a O18 labeled ozonide in order to prove the hypothesis that he had expressed. Another doctoral candidate at Georgia, Donald Denson, was stydying the decomposition of acetone diperoxide. Denson was having great difficulty isolating products and completing his doctoral assignment. Bishop suggested to Dr. Story that perhaps Denson should look at the decomposition of cyclohexananone diperoxide. If this work proved fruitful, Bishop could use his work as a source of singlet excited oxygen in order to prepare specifically O18 labeled ozonides.

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