Interrelation of trends in the American fragrance market and the essential oil industry

Throughout the history of perfumery, essential oils have provided the inspiration and basis for the creation of fine fragrances for both women and men. Until the late 19th century, they were the principal materials available to perfumers. Then signficiant discoveries in the field of chemistry led to the development of solvent extraction of essential oils in the 1880s. As we entered the 20th century the field of organic chemistry began to unfold. The research and developments of chemistry gave the perfumer new and more diversified tools with which to work. They also made available processes that could provide such chemicals in great quantities and at reasonable prices. Research chemists investigated the natural oils to determine the source of their odors, isolated their individual components, and then began synthesizing them as well as creating new aroma chemicals which had no counterpart in nature.

These events marked a turning point in our industry as modern perfumery came into being. Perfumery would not be the great industry it is today without the development of modern chemistry and its synthetics. The marriage of natural oils and synthetic aromatic chemicals provided perfumes with a new intensity and uniqueness of character. All the great names of the successful perfumes today owe their success and their greatness to the skilful blending of essential oils and aromatic chemicals.

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