Creative Perfumery in the Soap and Detergent Field

The quantity of detergent powders and liquids produced in the USA in 1982 was 2,400,00 tons. In Western Europe 2,600,000 tons have been manufactured (Table I).

The share of liquid detergent of the total quantity produced is about 20% in the USA while it stays helow 5% in Europe. Production value of detergents in the USA and in Europe is as high as $7 billion.

In the same period one million tons of soaps and bath additives have been produced representing a value of approximately $3 billion (Table II).

The ratio between solid and liquid products in the USA compared to Europe is nearly inversed. While the market share of liquid bath products is as low as 10% of the bar soaps in the USA, they are produced in nearly the same quantity in Europe.

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