Atelier des Sens Launches Extrait de Parfum Line

Rozzo features notes of peach, oud and roses.
Rozzo features notes of peach, oud and roses.
Courtesy of Atelier des Sens

Atelier des Sens has launched its Extrait de Parfum line.

Handcrafted in the region of Grasse in the South of France, the line features three fragrances: Zino, Rizzo and Spiros.


  • Zino: Evokes the Aegean Sea with notes of tobacco, honey, white flowers and cherry.
  • Rozzo: Clebrates the “duality of existence." Features notes of peach, oud and roses.
  • Spiros: Refreshing and comforting watermelon, amber, vanilla, amberwood and cinnamon.

Andrei Vlad, the Atelier’s owner, perfume artist and CEO, said, "Our workshop is more than a mere fragrance-making haven. Atelier des Sens is a sanctuary where immortal emotions come to life. Our fragrances are skillful blends created in the spirit of olfactory art. Inspiration for the fragrances is drawn from antiquity, epic tales and the legends of mythological gods.”

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