Promenade Tops French Society’s Fragrance Competition

Jennifer Jambon, a perfumer with Carlos Cramer Productos Aromáticos (Santiago, Chile), has won the French Perfumers’ Society’s Prix International du Parfumeur Createur 2008 in Paris. Jambon’s scent, Promenade, is a feminine EDT conforming to IFRA Guidelines. Jambon was tasked with responding to a quote from French author Henri Bosco’s “Le Mas Théotime”:

You push your hand in among the damp leaves, which when shaken shed hundreds of tiny clear droplets of water onto your fingers whilst the little plant’s perfume exhales and intermingles near the ground with the smell of the plants below and the stronger emanations of the earth.

Promenade reportedly “evokes the feeling of a walk after a rainy spring day, starting from a clearing and continuing into the heart of a dark and dense forest.” The scent contains damp green notes and ozonic fresh accords on tip, iris and violet leaf in the middle, and a finish comprising “intense notes of patchouli and amber.” 

Of the project, Jambon said, “I love creating and enjoyed every minute of this creation even though it was a difficult challenge.” 

The biannual award, first handed out 51 years ago, recognizes young talent (under 35), highlighting free creative expression (no price or concentration limits) in non-commercialized fragrances. As the winning scent, Promenade will be kept at the Osmotheque in Versailles.

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