Featured Job: Senior Perfumer at Seluz Fragrance Company


Seluz Fragrance Company is seeking a senior perfumer to help develop fragrances at its Istanbul, Turkey headquarters.

The ideal candidate would have a creative and innovative approach for new perfume development projects, excellent experience of utilizing GCMS data to create finished formulations, strong verbal and written communication skills, excellent data analysis and interpretation skills and must be able to organize, develop and motivate other team members.

Responsi­bilities of the position would include, but are not limited to: creating and developing fragrances for use in a wide range of consumer end products; developing stable and performing fragrances conforming to relevant legislation, IFRA guidelines and client restriction; reconstructing market fragrances for all categories (including fine fragrance) using GCMS data; interacting with other perfumers and junior staff to improve reconstructed fragrance formulas; evaluating new technologies and materials to improve fragrance analysis, performance and acceptability; participating in odor panels for quality control of incoming and outgoing materials and purchase samples; training and development of perfumery laboratory staff and junior members of Seluz Perfume Academy.

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