Perfume Advisory App, O My Note, Utilizes Emotion AI Tech

O My Note matches users with fragrances based on personal preferences and emotions.
O My Note matches users with fragrances based on personal preferences and emotions.

Perfume App, O My Note, has officially launched to assist users in finding their ideal fragrance match utilizing emotion artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Created by Sameh Megrhi, Ph.D., the intelligent virtual assistant is dedicated to fragrances, perfumes and scents. The app is capable of voice/video interaction to provide users with personalized fragrance recipes and find the best high perfumery fits.

The process includes three steps:
Step 1: Users share their mood, emotions, memories and preferred scents in a video, text or audio story.
Step 2: O My Note then configures a personalized perfume recipe that reflects the shared emotions and allows the user to select preferred ingredients.
Step 3: User receives their mood-tailored recommendation. O My Note provides a selection of high perfumery (from a database containing 40,000 products) containing the user's favorite ingredients that also reflect their mood and emotions. 

Sameh Megrhi, Ph.D., founder of O My Note, said, "My idea is to create a pertinent and enriching fragrance experience, give visibility to many excellent creations in the market and a lot more."

Users are able to create and save multiple personalized recipes to their profile as well as share recipes to social media and via text through the O My Note app.

Interview soon to come with founder, Sameh Megrhi, Ph.D., on the new app and what this technology could mean for the future of the fragrance industry. Until then, take a look at O My Note's Youtube video.

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