Givaudan Debuts Two Fragrance Technologies

Phytogaia and Thalassogaia capture molecules from forest and ocean environments.
Phytogaia and Thalassogaia capture molecules from forest and ocean environments.

Givaudan has announced two innovative fragrance technologies, Phytogaia and Thalassogaia, allowing perfumers to bring the natural benefits of forests and the ocean into perfumes.

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Inspired by the Japanese art of forest bathing, Phytogaia captures molecules emitted by forest trees that can bring a positive effect on people. These molecules, called phytoncides, can provide wellbeing benefits when used in fragrances by improving consumers’ mood, reducing stress and fatigue. Givaudan’s science and technology team conducted analyses to understand their volatility and composition, then translated their findings into perfumery accords.

Thalassogaia draws inspiration from coastal environments. Givaudan scientists conducted ScentTrek analyses, using headspace technology, to develop a collection of Thalassogaia perfumery accords that mimic the composition of the marine environment. The collection of accords was designed to trigger the calming feeling of being near or in water and can be used in all fragrance categories, from air care to personal care.

Jeremy Compton, global head of Science and Technology, Fragrances, said, “Bringing new, innovative technologies to life with sustainability top of mind is key for our fragrance business. Phytogaia and Thalassogaia harness the natural benefits of the environment and then translate these benefits into perfumery in a responsible way to ultimately positively impact consumers. These fragrance technologies are excellent examples of how we’re committed to our company purpose of creating for healthier, happier lives, with love for nature.”

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