Allylix Announces Fragrance Material Epivone

Allylix announced its development and subsequent commercialization of Epivone (epi-β-vetivone), a valuable terpene that will initially be commercialized for use in fragrance applications. The company plans to begin production of this material in the third quarter of 2012.

Epivone is structurally related to β-vetivone, a key components of vetiver oil. Using proprietary methods, Allylix has created Epivone in a highly purified form and has subsequently received several patents surrounding it.

“Epivone is a highly valuable compound, and because we own the patents claiming the fragrance and its novel production method, we expect to be the only commercial supplier of Epivone,” said Carolyn Fritz, Allylix’s CEO.

Additionally, chemical company BASF Venture Capital announced a $13.5 million investment in Allylix.

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