ScentFluence Studio Opens in New York

Photo Credit: Scent Marketing Facebook.
Photo Credit: Scent Marketing Facebook.

Scent Marketing Inc. has opened its first ScentFluence Aroma Design Studio in Scarsdale Village, New York. 

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The flagship ScentFluence Aroma Design Studio, is a business where customers can experience the art of fragrance and the science of scent in their home or business.

Fragrances are available for both homes and businesses, including a scent system that can be connected to HVAC systems.

Caroline Fabrigas, CEO of Scent Marketing Inc, said, "We are proud to have become a leading authority in the art and science of scent marketing and branding and now open our new flagship ScentFluence Aroma Design Studio. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Ashley Badger and Michael Keating of Sotheby’s and DJ Petta of Scarsdale Improvement Co. in creating my first Aroma Design Studio in the heart of Scarsdale Village, my hometown.”

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