Escentric Molecules Founder Geza Schoen Talks Fragrance Innovation


Perfumer & Flavorist+ (P&F+) connected with Escentric Molecules founder Geza Schoen to discuss his journey to the fragrance industry, recent project wins, how the industry has evolved over the years and advice for up-and-coming perfumers.

P&F+: What led you to the fragrance industry?

Geza Schoen [GS]: I started collecting fragrance samples in the early ‘80s when I was around 13 years old. A fascination grew over the following years. At 16 years old I got in touch with Harmann and Reimer (nowadays known as Symrise).

I was mesmerized and fought extremely hard to grab one of the rare places in this highly sought-after perfumery school. I joined H&R in August 1990 and started my perfumery education in January 1992.

For the entire article, check out the Perfumer & Flavorist+ February 2023 issue.

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