Perfumery Techniques in Evolution—II

Perfumery has developed with an astonishing speed. The subjective element of this development has always assumed the same character as the evolution of humans. The technical element is research, the discovery of new raw materials and the use to which they are put by the artists whom we call perfumers, those who by their sensitivity, experience, delicacy, talent and effort have combined all of these raw materials to create and elaborate the various perfumes.

Unfortunately we live in a century and at a time of great confusion, which is indifferent to spiritual values and places little value on the interior life that, in my opinion, is what makes for the richness of the true perfumer. This situation has radically changed one of the most beautiful and most poetic professions that has ever existed, transforming it in many cases into a merely computerized response to some so-called marketing needs, which in turn makes very bad use of its ideas. This sad commentary shows how hollow at bottom our modern society really is.

Perfumery evolves, although at times not as positively as we are led to believe. Nevertheless, the elements which the perfumers have at their disposal grows at an unusual rate, and despite the criticism from some circles that reject everything that is new, I believe these new products are excellent, and that they are in no way responsible for the troubles of the creator-perfumer-artist. I do not share the opinion of those who say that everything can and should be done with a hundred certain aromatics and with thirty-odd essential oils. These people run the risk of becoming completely superseded since creativity is only possible in our field if we remain abreast of what is offered to us, and what unquestionably helps us.

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