Company Training of Perfumers —Part 1

Perfumers are the heart and soul of all effort in our industry. Having the best perfumers is a good omen and good staff policy at any company. One can have excellent management and brilliant staff, but there is no business development without perfumers.

Creativity is a born talent. Whatever training system is applied, real creative abilities are within the trainee. As in music or painting, one can know all the notes and colors, learn everything about music composition and painting techniques, and become Mozart or van Gogh--or become a noisy pop star of one season or a street painter endlessly repeating a mediocre picture. Therefore in a perfumery company, the main objective of the manager is to recognize talent and develop it properly. It is very difficult to uncover real talent although it is possible to recognize abilities.

In order to develop that real talent, some basic knowledge is necessary for both a good technician in a perfumery laboratory, as well as for the most brilliant creator, Although there are several well-known perfumery courses and training centers giving good basic knowledge of perfumery, for every company the most important training is in-house using the company’s own raw materials and following the company’s marketing policy.

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