Evolva Launches Highest Purity (98%) EU & U.S. Natural Nootkatone

Evolva Pf2305 Lead

Nootkatone, the key aromatic molecule of grapefruit, is traditionally extracted from citruses but its use has been very limited (short supply, high and volatile price, inconsistent quality, etc.).

Natural Nootkatone by Evolva is a new generation ingredient made via precision fermentation, a natural process that allows to produce high purity and competitive natural ingredients all year long, while preserving natural resources.


Evolva offers the highest purity and only EU Natural Nootkatone available for fragrance applications (98% purity, in line with IFRA's monograph).

Natural Nootkatone by Evolva is also designed to create the most precise flavor profiles—it is the only EU natural flavoring substance (98%) and highest purity flavoring preparation (85%) available on the market.


With a global natural status to support global launches it also meets the requirements for renewable, sustainable and natural ingredients.

Ask for your samples today at www.evolva-flavor-fragrance.com!


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