Augeo® Clean Multi: a sustainable alternative to glycol ethers


Augeo® Clean Multi: a sustainable alternative to glycol ethers

By following Solvay principles on sustainability, Augeo® Clean Multi is the safe, LVP VOC, low odor, low carbon footprint and high-performance solvent already being globally used in fragrance dilution and air care products.

The main raw material for its production is glycerin, a by-product from the Biodiesel production, having soya as the main source, which makes its molecular weight 70% renewable, and also results in a carbon footprint up to 40% lower than the glycol ethers it can replace, such as DPG, DPM and DPMA. Augeo® Clean Multi is safe, with no inhalation or respiratory toxicity, even for long exposure periods. It is classified as low vapor pressure VOC, and its very low odor and adequate evaporation rate guarantee the fragrance enhancement. It’s also long lasting, optimizing the sensorial experience of the final consumer.

As a 1:1 alternative to DPG, in fragrance dilution, Augeo® guarantees great solubility and better fragrance diffusion, due to a better volatility. In electrical plugins and reed diffusers, it can replace glycols such as DPM and DPMA, not only with the right evaporation profile, but also boosting the fragrance notes due to a much lower odor. On top of all those benefits, we can add a reliable and safe supply chain that does not rely on the production and availability of petrochemicals, which is currently causing many supply and pricing issues to the industry.

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