Musky Scent Perfume Market Data

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Global Musky Scent Perfume Market Report 2020.

A market research study on the musky scent perfume market has been released by Cognitive Market Research.

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The report categorizes musky scent perfume into five segments. The five segments compare the revenue market share as well as the data from 2015 to the predicted outcome of 2027:

  • The essence content above 20% is expected to grow from 10%-31%.
  • The essence content from 20%-15% is expected to increase from about 12%-38%
  • The essence content from 15%-8% is expected to increase from about 19%-46%.
  • The essence content from 8%-4% is  is expected to increase from about 21%-52%
  • The essence content from 3%-1% is  is expected to increase from about 28%-62%

The revenue market share for women is expected to reach 12% in 2027 compared to 6% in 2015. For men, it increases from about 7% to almost 18%.

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