Kar Kologne to Offer Customizable Car Scent

Photo: Kar Kologne.
Photo: Kar Kologne.

Kar Kologne, a crowdfunded business, has created a car air freshener that uses the user's preferred cologne or perfume.

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The Kar Kologne needs two mist of any eau de toilette or perfume, sprayed directly on the cartridge, for a fragrance that can last up to two weeks

It clips onto the car's air vent and is covered with a non-slip and soft material to avoid movement of the diffuser and to offer an anti-scratch protection for the air vent.

Each box comes with a Kar Kologne air diffuser and six different colored cartridges. 

The product is reusable and the package will be designed entirely with recycled materials.

The company is on kickstarter, with a goal of $11,272 and as of December 14, 2020, has reached $255.

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