Target Launches Project 62 Birthstone Candle Collection

Target's December birthstone candle. Photo: Target.
Target's December birthstone candle. Photo: Target.

Target has rolled out its Birthstone Ceramic Jar Candle, a collection of candles from Project 62.

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There are twelve candles, one for each month, and the notes include:

  • January's Garnet: bergamot, grass, jasmine, clove and patchouli
  • Feburary's Amethyst: mandarian, raspberry, apricot, violet and jasmine
  • March's Aquamarine: rose, lily, bamboo and melon
  • April's Diamond: herb, jasmine, orange blossom, woodys and fruit
  • May's Emerald: bergamot, sage, eucalyptus, apple and mint
  • June's Pearl: fresh, lily, violet and orange
  • July's Ruby: fig, lily, rose, cinnamon and apple
  • August's Peridot: fresh, jasmine, geranium and woods
  • September's Saphire: citrus, bergamot, chamomile, sage and floral
  • October's Tourmaline: floral, musk, spruce, citrus and grass
  • November's Citrine: pineapple, apple, lemon, coconut and jasmine
  • December's Zircon: fruit, floral, gardenia and citrus

The candles are created with palm oil and paraffin wax with a burn time of 40 hours. It retails at $7.99 each. 

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