Sriracha and More: McCormick's New Offerings Feature Intense Flavors


McCormick & Co. has launched 21 new products including flavored sea salts, chili peppers and burger sauce mix-ins that create bold, intense flavors at home that consumers may have seen in restaurants, foods trucks and online. The new flavor-oriented products include: 

Burger Sauce Mix-Ins

Montreal steak

Brown sugar bourbon

Sweet mesquite & caramelized onion

Roasted garlic & sautéed onion


More Bold Flavors for the Grill

Grill Mates Belgian-style white ale seasoning

Grill Mates brown sugar bourbon seasoning

Grill Mates smoky ranchero marinade

Grill Mates sweet onion steakhouse burgers seasoning mix

Lawry's zesty seafood marinade with Old Bay seasoning

Lawry's sweet Asian BBQ marinade


Flavored Sea Salt Grinders

Chipotle sea salt blend grinder

Smoked sea salt grinder

Lemon zest sea salt blend grinder

Sweet onion sea salt blend grinder


Gourmet Chili Peppers

Sriracha seasoning

Crushed chipotle pepper

Ground jalapeño pepper

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