McCormick Flavor Forecasts Cites Global Trends

McCormick & Company released its latest McCormick Flavor Forecast, featuring a global view and outlook for the first time. The forecast seeks out the trends and driving influences that are shaping the world’s culinary culture for 2012, seeking input from chefs, food technologists, marketing professionals, sensory scientists and other flavor industry insiders from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and beyond, and according to the Flavor Forecast 2012, a singular set of forces driving what we will eat across the globe in coming years.

“While developing the Flavor Forecast 2012, our global team was excited to find so many similarities in the trends inspiring diverse cultures to cook, eat and innovate,” said chef Kevan Vetter for McCormick United States. “And if there’s one thing the food lovers of the world have in common, it’s that we approach eating with greater curiosity than ever before and really celebrate the enjoyment of it. We can now spend an entire evening immersed in the flavors of a meal,” added chef Mark Garcia for McCormick United States.

Inspired by the world’s widening flavor horizons, the Flavor Forecast 2012 highlights six culinary trends brought to life through 12 regional flavor combinations and taste experiences.

  • Honoring Roots is a culinary trend that focuses on traditional ingredients and techniques. Many chefs are applying a fresh perspective that balances modern tastes and cultural authenticity in this trend, which features signature flavor combinations such as Korean Pepper Paste with Sesame, Asian Pear & Garlic; and Cumin with Sofrito.
  • The Quest for the Ultimate culinary trend seeks out flavor adventurers who are always looking for a new tantalizing taste and a way to achieve the ultimate flavor experience. Combinations that offer steps on that road are Meyer Lemon with Lemon Thyme, Limoncello & Lemon Peel; and Dill with Mint, Melon & Cucumber.
  • Veggies in Vogue is a culinary trend that highlights vegetables as the key component and flavor factor in a dish, focusing on fresh, quality seasonal produce. Eggplant with Honey & Harissa is a signature flavor displaying this trend, as is Squash with Red Curry & Pancetta.
  • Trying to create clear, relatable flavors, the Simplicity Shines trend shows off quality ingredients in unpretentious preparations for the best flavors. Signature flavor combinations for this trend include Ginger with Coconut, and Vanilla with Butter.
  • In the Flavorful Swaps culinary trend, small changes can lead to big results in flavor expectations. In a trend that also speaks to continued wellness and health, Red Tea with Cinnamon & Plum offers a beverage signature flavor combination, while Grapefruit with Red Pepper also exemplifies its aspects.
  • The No Boundaries culinary trend displays how even professionals are still interested in playing with their food, developing flavors outside the lines. Shedding traditional rules, flavor combinations such as Blueberry with Cardamom & Corn Masa; and Sweet Soy with Tamarind & Black Pepper display the spirit of this trend.

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