Bell Announces Flavor, Fragrance Trends for 2012

Bell Flavors & Fragrances announced its 2012 selections for the top flavors and fragrances. The company’s marketing teams compiled different flavor and fragrance lists to help developers understand consumer demands when launching products in the year to come.

The top flavors were selected through three different processes of analysis: tracking samples that have been requested in a 12-month period, trend scouting by the company’s internal marketing and R&D departments worldwide, and tracking trends through external databases.

The theme for this year’s top 10 flavors list is “Emerging Cultures.” With consumers having more interest in cuisines throughout the world, these menu items are becoming more mainstream. Korean cuisines are predicted to make a huge hit to the market, with Cajun and Greek following close behind.

Consequently, for 2012, Bell predicts the following top flavors.

Sweet Flavors
1. Salty Caramel
2. Red Velvet
3. Strawberry Jasmine
4. Cinnamon Chipotle
5. Eucalyptus
6. Taro/Sweet Potato
7. Roasted Coconut
8. Café de Olla
9. Lúcuma
10. White Sesame

Savory Flavors
1. White Truffle Oil
2. Kimchi
3. Absinthe
4. Calamansi Lime
5. Rich Umami
6. Rose Water
7. Aged Cayenne Pepper
8. Satsuma Orange
9. Mirin
10. Romesco

Beverage Flavors
1. Lemonade
2. Maqui Berry
3. Aloe Vera
4. White Tea
5. Mamey
6. Cucumber Mint
7. Chrysanthemum
8. Kumquat
9. Honey Ginger
10. Green Coconut

The fragrance notes were selected through a similar process; however, research was based on exploring different consumer markets. Bell’s marketing teams explored different avenues to uncover notes that will captivate the next generation fragrance development, as defined by product launches, industry regulations, world event, and unique new preference for the indulgent consumer. These 10 notes will influence the fragrance development of products designed for 2012 and will continue to drive discovery for years to come.

The theme for Bell's 2012 top 10 fragrances list is “The Wild Luxury Consumer.” Counter to worldwide financial woes, wild luxury consumers are seeking out more exquisite haute couture items than ever, and it will likely be no exception when it comes to fine fragrances.

Thus, Bell offers the following at the top 10 fragrance notes of 2012.

1. Ginger Orchid
2. Orange Flower
3. Tart Guava
4. Gold Amber
5. Green Pear
6. Spicy Bergamot
7. Root Beer
8. Pink Pepper
9. Leather
10. Tomato Leaf

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