Givaudan Launches TasteSolutions Richness Flavors


Givaudan has now launched TasteSolutions Richness ingredients, which feature the multi-layering of flavors with added dimension of taste and richness in addition to aroma, particularly in low sodium formulations.

Specifically, the ingredients can recreate the taste complexity from traditional cooking techniques achieved through slow cooking and multi-step cooking processes, thus mimicking the taste of home cooking for convenience food. The offering applies principally to chicken and beef and will be expanded to include other key areas such as cheese, dairy and vegetables.

TasteSolutions Richness is a direct result of the learning gained through the ongoing collaboration with Givaudan's ChefsCouncil chefs. Focusing on the culinary exploration of taste, Givaudan chefs, flavorists and scientists have partnered with world-leading chefs to investigate taste effects in food, and translate the experience from haute restaurant cuisine to convenience products.

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