Cherry and Mint Flavors Popular in Confectionery Category

Cherry is among the flavors showing rising popularity in the confectionery category, according to Innova’s market research, and mint continues to appear in new product offerings.

Cherry Flavors 

According to Innova’s market research, cherry is one of the five most popular fruit flavors for confectionery. For instance, Wild has added a range of natural cherry flavors to its portfolio including Sour, Sweet, Black and Amarena cherries. These cherry flavors can be used for hard candies as well as jelly and gum confectionery.

Mint: fresh and fruity

For tablets, Wild said its new trend is a mix of fruit and mint flavors. It has developed variants made of pure mint as well as fruity flavors with Pineapple, Cherry and Melon.

In addition, for chocolate, Wild indicated that natural mint variations allow for new products to supply an assortment for the growth of filled chocolates. The fresh hint of mint complements the bitter taste of chocolate and possible taste options are fruity mint with orange, creamy mint, and peppermint. 

Wild is offering Sensation Flavors for chewing gum, which can be used in combination with many different fruit and mint aromas for an intensive taste experience. The company also features Sensation Fillings for the hard candies segment, which are based on Fruit Up, a natural fruit extract which Wild developed as an alternative to the standard sugar sweetener.

Wild also has several flavors in the Sensation Fillings range: a version of the Hugo cocktail made of Elderberry Flowers and Mint, the combination of Bitter Orange and spices, similar to the fashionable Spritz aperitif, and a type of cola with Lemon and Cinnamon

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