Salt & Straw Launch Vegan Ice Cream for 2021

Vegandulgence. Photo: Salt & Straw.
Vegandulgence. Photo: Salt & Straw.

Salt & Straw has announced its Vegandulgence line which includes six vegan ice cream flavors, launching January 1, 2021.

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Vegandulgence Series is 100% plant-based and includes the following six flavors:

  • Peanut Butter Strawberry Crumble: A slightly tart, intensely jammy Northwest strawberries with a peanut butter oat milk ice cream and a salted oatmeal streusel.

  • Bourbon and Caramelized Honeycomb: Hunks of caramelized chocolate-dipped honeycomb candy with a vanilla and oat milk ice cream spiked with Portland's Eastside Distillery Bourbon.

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies and Cream: A trifecta of single-origin chocolate, coconut cream, and hazelnut butter. Chunks of our homemade (gluten-free and vegan) “Oreos” are swirled in.

  • Coconut Rice Pudding: Jasmine rice gets cooked with coconut milk flecked with aromatic cardamom and cinnamon spices. Mixed with a little sugar and coconut cream and churned it into ice cream. 

  • Banana Avocado Sorbet: To amp up the avocados rich natural fats, it is churned with bananas for a subtle sweetness to round it all out.

All six flavors are available in its Pints of the Month: January package, for $65.

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