The State of Vanilla


Confections, candles, baked goods, fine fragrances, ice cream, lotions, sodas, oral care, snack foods: vanilla is arguably one of the most popular flavor and fragrance materials. In addition to its inherent versatility, vanilla is also one of the industry’s most economically/geopolitically unstable materials. This month, P&F talks with a diverse panel of experts for their take on vanilla’s immediate future, emerging novel applications, new sources and more.

The Next 12 Months

We asked our experts what they saw as the major challenges involving vanilla over the next year. Premier Vanilla Inc.’s Arvind Ranadive said, “The biggest challenge is to increase the growth in pure vanilla consumption. The vanilla industry lost anywhere from 25-40 percent of the pure vanilla market in the last three to four years due to excessively high vanilla bean prices.”

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