Ester Introduces Craft Producer Early Adopter Program

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The Proprietary Flavor Intelligence Technology and Predictive Personalization Data Engine is now available to all craft producers through the Ester Producer Portal.

Ester, the Belgian-born Flavor Intelligence Platform, has launched its Early Adopter Program to craft breweries, wineries and retailers.

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Ester's Flavor Intelligence Portal and independent chemical, as well as sensory panel testing, is now available for breweries and wineries to engage with.

The program hopes to empower producers and retailers to target new customers based on its flavor analysis.

The scientific approach analyzes more than 200 chemical compounds, product packaging and sensory analysis from its specialized panel. Brand data is then mapped within the proprietary Ester recommendation database, including other brands worldwide.

This technology matches customers to beers and wines that they are predisposed to prefer based on authoritative and sound sensory insights, eliminates unconscious bias and delivers personalized recommendations more likely to reward the end customer.

This new program has been adopted by regional players Sierra Nevada, Boston Beer, Deschutes Brewery and Craft Beer Cellar.

The lowest introductory rate of Ester's Early Adopter Program will apply to the first 250 beer or wine brands signed up.

Ester's co-founder and CEO, Jean Van Damme, said, “My passion for the individuality of flavor goes back to my childhood, fighting with my mom about whether I liked my greens or not. That stubbornness turned to curiosity when I went on to study food science at the University of Leuven and then work in grocery retail. I was struck by the gap between retailer’s focus on customer needs, yet lack of information about their preferences. It has become my life’s work to understand and bridge that gap, and to leverage our knowledge to drive innovation that levels the playing field for all businesses of all sizes in the space.”

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