European Food Safety Authority Requires Additional Information on 5 Materials

The European Food Safety Authority requires additional information on five flavoring substances under consideration, according to a newly posted opinion. Meanwhile, the organization has determined that there is no safety concern for six other materials "at the estimated level of intake as flavoring substance based on the MSDI approach."

Regarding the substances requiring additional review, the Authority explains: "For the remaining five substances [FL-no: 06.077, 06.087, 06.089, 09.632 and 09.919], information on stereoisomeric composition has not been specified. For one substance [FL-no: 06.077] an ID test is missing and no boiling point is given for [FL-no: 09.919]. Thus, for five substances [FL-no: 06.077, 06.087, 06.089, 09.632 and 09.919] the Panel has reservations (missing information on stereoisomerism and/or missing ID test and boiling point)."



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