Symrise’s LC Taste Tech Supports SymLife Mask

Symrise (Holzminden, Germany) has announced its proprietary LC Taste analytical method/system, which helps the company’s analysts to identify materials with strong flavor masking potential. According to the company, the technology helps its analysts “identify and screen non-volatile substances and non-volatile masking systems for taste dose activity on negative tastants, using proprietary extraction and preparation techniques.” The analysts inject extracted flavor materials into the system in order to evaluate eluting regions in real time. A second screening follows, using LC/MS for identification. “In this way,” notes an official release, “Symrise is able to identify the taste-active components that contribute to off taste, and then create the most effective masking system.” These systems have been commercialized under the SymLife Mask name and serve to mask flavors, to mitigate off-flavors, and eliminate astringency, bitterness, chalkiness, saltiness and medicinal and metallic taste sensations.




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