EFSA Ruling Finds Issues with Two Smoke Flavorings

In its first four rulings on smoke flavorings, the European Food Safety Authority has concluded that Unismoke and Zesti Smoke Code 10 "caused adverse health effects in rats above certain intake levels." The statement continues, "Due to the absence of data on reproduction and developmental toxicity and the lack of long-term studies on these two flavoring products, the CEF Panel concluded that the uses and use levels specified by their manufacturers would require larger margins of safety." Meanwhile, Smoke Concentrate 809045 "was found to cause no adverse health effects in rats at the highest levels tested." The findings were based on exposure estimates for all of the smoke flavorings used in the European Union.

Unismoke is applied in meat and meat products, soups and sauce. Zesti Smoke Code 10 is used in meat and meat products, fish and fish products, composite foods (such as casseroles and meat pies), and processed fruits and vegetables. Smoke Concentrate 809045 is applied in meat and meat products, soups, sauces, protein products and ready-to-eat savory applications.

Full rulings are available at www.efsa.europa.eu.


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