Final EU Rule on Pesticide Residues

The European Union regulation EC396/2005 revising and simplifying the rules pertaining to pesticide residues entered into force today. The new rules set harmonized Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) for pesticides and are intended to allow traders and importers to do business smoothly as confusion over dealing with 27 lists of national MRLs is eliminated. Under the previous rules, different MRLs could apply to the same pesticide for the same crop in different Member States.

The new regulation covers approximately 1,100 pesticides currently or formerly used in agriculture in or outside the EU. It lists MRLs for 315 agricultural products. The MRLs also apply to processed products, adjusted to take account of dilution or concentration during processing.

A database can be consulted on the European Commission's Web site to search for the MRL applicable to each crop and pesticide. (Access the MRL database.) For more information about the regulation, please go to (Source: FEMA

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