Patent Pick: Fresh-pressed Polyphenol Flavor Enhancer


Takasago has squeezed massive amounts of innovation into the lowest levels of flavor enhancers to produce big effects in small amounts.

Flavor improving agent
U.S. Patent 9295276
Publication date: March 29, 2016
Assignee: Takasago International Corp.

According to these inventors, methods for improving the flavor of food using fruits, fruit juices, fruit juice ingredients and the like are well-known. However, the foods used are limited, the production process is complicated, or the flavor-improving effect is insufficient. As such, there is a market need for a flavor-improving agent that can exhibit effects even in small amounts, giving almost no taste or smell, is highly safe, produced at a low cost and can be widely used in various food and beverages. This patent describes such an agent.

Specifically disclosed is a fraction derived from fruit juice or squeeze as a flavor enhancer. Its substance ratio of polyphenols to saccharides—the latter after acid hydrolysis of the fraction—is 0.1 to 10; even more preferably 1 to 100. Such fractions are obtained by a fruit juice or squeeze absorbed onto a synthetic resin adsorbent, then the adsorbed components eluted by a solvent; or by extracting fruit juice or squeeze with ethanol.

Further, the described flavor-improving agent suppresses the sourness, bitterness and astringency of foods and beverages, reducing harsh taste, contributing to a juice-like feel and contributing to a richness. In addition to foods and beverages, the agent can also be added to pharmaceutical products or oral care, as well as to flavor compositions.

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