Leatherhead Releases Report on Global Food Additives Market

Leatherhead Food Research released a market report on the global food additives market. The report discusses how overall the market has grown by 4% per year, though some sectors such as preservatives and sweeteners experienced far slower growth rates, and this was primarily influenced by the shift away from artificial additive and ingredients.

The report also noted a larger demand for products that offer functional health benefits and that are lower in fat, salt and sugar, as well as the increased consumer drive for natural products. More and more, flavor and color suppliers are seeking natural sources for their ingredients as the trend continues to push natural products over synthetics.

Additionally, Leatherhead reported that flavor and color additives are expected to be among some of the better-performing natural food sectors, as well as enzymes, food hydrocolloids and some functional ingredients. The growth is certainly reliant on global economic factors, however, and future demand in consumption in the food and drink industry will be heavily impacted by economic swings, regulatory changes and other market developments.

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