EFSA Releases Rulings on Two Smoke Flavors

After evaluating new data, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) updated its opinion on the safety of two smoke flavorings used in the EU. On the basis of the new information provided, the EFSA determined  that at the proposed use and use levels Fumokomp is not a concern for safety. However, for Zesti Smoke Code 10, the new data still found an insufficient margin of safety, leading the EFSA to conclude that safety is a concerns at the proposed uses and use levels.

In 2009, experts on EFSA’s CEF Panel found the margins of safety for Zesti Smoke Code 10 were too low when considering the uses and use levels specified by manufacturers. On the basis of a new 90-day toxicity study in animals and newly proposed upper use levels, the panel concludes in its updated scientific opinion that there are still safety concerns about this smoke flavoring despite some increase in the margin of safety.

Also, previously, the CEF panel was not able to assess the safety of Fumokomp due to a lack of adequate available data. Based on the results of a complete 90-day animal toxicity study that was unavailable in 2009, experts now confirm that this smoke flavoring is not of safety concern for consumers at normal and upper levels of the proposed uses.

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