JFFMA Permits Use of Four New Flavoring Substances

On July 19, the Japan Flavor and Fragrance Materials Association (JFFMA) reported designation of four flavoring substances by the Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare. This means the flavoring substances are legally permitted for use in flavors in Japan effective immediately.

The substances include:

  • Pyrazine (FEMA# 4015, CAS# 290-37-9, JECFA# 951)
  • 1-Penten-3-ol (FEMA# 3584, CAS# 616-25-1, JECFA# 1150)
  • 3-Methyl-2-butenal (FEMA# 3646, CAS# 107-86-8, JECFA# 1202)
  • And 3-Methyl-2-butenol (FEMA# 3647, CAS# 556-82-1, JECFA# 1200)

IOFI Information Letter 1406 provides more information on the four substances and also states that more designations are underway as the result of an effort sponsored by the IOFI Science Board to achieve the acceptance in Japan of substances in international use but that do not fit in any of the 18 structural groups used in the Japanese regulation of chemically defined substances.

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