Senomyx Receives Patent for Sucralose Enhancer

Senomyx (San Diego) announced it has been granted U.S. Patent No. 7,928,111 covering foods and beverages containing S2383, an enhancer for the sweetener sucralose. In particular, the issued patent includes composition claims covering S2383 and its analogs. S2383 is intended to enhance the taste of sucralose, a sweetener used in a wide variety of products including baked goods, cereals, desserts, dairy products and confectionaries.

Don Karanewsky, senior vice president and chief scientific officer of Senomyx, said, "We are very pleased with the issuance of this key U.S. patent for one of our sweetness enhancers, and we believe it speaks to Senomyx's leadership in the identification and development of products that can substantially reduce the use of added sweeteners in a broad range of food and beverage applications."

Firmenich has exclusive rights to market S2383, and Senomyx CEO Kent Sndyer commented, "Firmenich has initiated sales of commercial quantities of S2383 and is currently engaged in marketing activities with additional major clients. The feedback from potential customers regarding the taste profile and other characteristics has been very favorable, and we're looking forward to the introduction of a variety of products containing S2383."

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