Japan OKs Two New Flavoring Substances for Use

The Japan Flavour and Fragrance Materials Association (JFFMA) has reported the flavoring substances of butylamine (FEMA# 3130, CAS# 109-73-9, JECFA# 1582) and phenethylamine (FEMA# 3220, CAS# 64-04-0, JECFA# 1589) were designated by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) on November 10, 2010, which indicates these substances are legally permitted for use in flavorings in Japan, effective immediately. Additionally, more designations are underway as the Food Safety Committee and the MHLW review new submissions, developed by JFFMA. These submissions are the result of an effort, sponsored by the IOFI Science Board, to achieve acceptance in Japan of substances that are in international use, but do not fit any of the current 18 structural groups within the Japanese regulation for chemically defined flavorings.

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