Advances in Flavor Research and Technology

The fourth bi-annual Symposium on Advances in Flavor Research and Technology took place at the Sheraton Towers in Iselin, New Jersey on April 24, 1991. Professor Chi-Tang Ho and Henry V. Izzo, Rutgers University, and Dr. James T. Carlin, Joseph Seagrams and Sons Inc., put together a wide-ranging program with international participation that attracted about 215 scientists mainly from the flavor, food and beverage industry.

The ten speakers coming from Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland and the U.S. discussed developments covering areas from the analysis of volatile materials, isotopic analysis, reaction flavors, biotechnology, fruit essence processing, encapsulation of flavors through to new Food & Drug Administration (FDA) labeling rules, marketing of new products and the role and importance of the flavor industry trade organization.

It is very difficult to completely cover all contributions in a condensed form and the following is the writer’s attempt at an unbiased interpretation.

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