Raw Material Bulletin: March 2015

Sage extract (CAS# 84082-79-1), from Döhler, has a sweet and green taste and odor. This from-the-named-food (FTNF) ingredient is derived from the Salvia officinalis plant, which is mostly grown in Turkey, Greece, Albania, Israel, France and the United States. Its chemical structure contains thujone, 1,8- cineol, camphor, borneol, bornyl esters, a-pinene and salvene. It can be used in food and beverage applications, as well as flavor creation. The company also offers black pepper extract (FEMA# 2844, 2846; CAS# 84929-41-9), an FTNF ingredient that has an aromatic, hot and earthy taste and odor. Derived from the Piper nigrum L. plant, which is mostly found in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brazil, this extract can be used in food and beverage applications, in addition to flavor creation. Its chemical structure contains sabinene, b-pinene, limonene, a-pinene, myrcene, d-3-carene and monoterpene derivatives (borneol, carvone, carvacrol, 1,8-cineol and linalool).

Santalum album oil (FEMA# 3005), from Santanol, has a yellow to pale color and offers a sweet, aromatic and woody odor. The oil, derived from trees grown in Northern Australia, is produced via steam distillation. This ingredient can be used in fragrances, aromatherapy and skin care.

Natural Advantage has introduced natural 2-methyl-4-propyl- 1,3-oxathiane (FEMA# 3578, CAS# 67715- 80-4), the characterizing flavor compound of purple passion fruit, featuring sweet, juicy and fruity notes. At a suggested usage level of 0.1 ppm, it is useful in passion fruit and other complex tropical flavors. This ingredient is worldwide natural, kosher, vegetarian and non-GMO. The company also offers natural p-menthen-8-thiol (FEMA# 3700, CAS# 71159-90-5), the characterizing note found in grapefruit. Suggested flavor applications for this ingredient include grapefruit, durian and tropical profiles. With an odor threshold of 0.0001 ppb in water, it features powerful citrus, grapefruit, sulfurous, tropical and herbal notes. Available in various dilutions, the usage level is 0.000001–0.00001 ppm as consumed. Natural p-menthen-8-thiol is worldwide natural, kosher, vegetarian and non-GMO.

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