Editor's Note: The Doors of Perception...Lead Us to the Senses


Just like the ever-evolving consumer, the F&F industry is a living, breathing, sensory-rich entity. Researchers, formulators, product developers, perfumers, flavorists, farmers, evaluators, suppliers and marketers all make up the brain, heart, soul and bones of the industry.

And with the evolution of digital technology, the industry is moving into superhuman territory. But that’s what makes it so exciting: taking our senses and surpassing our limited perceptions into realms that we once thought were impossible to reach.

TechnoSensory Simulation

Sophisticated e-noses and sense synthesizers are evolving into a more advanced technological space (page 62). These devices, including gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, optical sensory systems and infrared spectroscopy were (and still are) pioneering research tools that catapulted F&F innovation forward; the Kraftwerks of the industry.

Of course, we can’t talk about digital F&F without including the natural world—its original muse. Continuing to establish stability in quality is essential for driving the industry forward. Authentication of natural materials is an issue we must revisit habitually to ensure the highest quality materials for the market (page 26).

Where else would we get our inspiration when developing innovative products? Let’s not forget that innovation in F&F also includes protection of intellectual property (page 18) in formulations, new molecules and cultured ingredients.

The reality of the F&F industry is certainly heading into virtual territory, but we’re fortunate that nature continues to keep us firmly rooted.

Happy learning to you.

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Deniz Ataman

Managing Editor


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