10 Insider Tips To Design Effective Flavor & Fragrance Presentations


Designing effective flavor and fragrance powerpoint presentations can be challenging and time consuming. Founder and creative director, George Costello of George Costello Creative, LLC, (GCC) shares his 'Top 10 Insider Tips To Design Effective Flavor & Fragrance Presentations.' For a quick and easy reference, print this infographic

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Prior to founding GCC, George Costello spent more than eight years as an in-house Art Director for a leading global flavor and fragrance house, solving the most complex design and messaging challenges. Crafting clean, professional, and consistent presentations that communicate branding strategies and highlight their value is at the heart of GCC’s DNA.

Having an industry insider perspective, Costello understands the graphic challenges and intricacies involved in the visual communication of flavor, fragrance, and ingredient stories. Based on his experience, Costello, and his staff are able to anticipate project needs and maximize impact. GCC partners with corporate marketing, sales, and design teams to deliver a robust and unique portfolio of creative solutions specific to the flavor and fragrance industry.

With a results-driven focus and a laser-sharp attention to detail, GCC is able to provide quality, authenticity, technical competency, and innovation to meet their client demands and deliver exceptional results.

For deeper insights into each one of our 10 insider tips, visit GCC’s blog


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